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A generator is a good investment

With the right parts and accessories, it’s an exceptional investment.

At Oklahoma Generator, we carry all the accessories, parts, and improvements you might need to get the most from your generator. Not sure what you need? Don’t worry! We’ll explain all the available parts and accessories and help you make the best choice for your generator and budget.

Maintenance Kits

Scheduled maintenance is a necessity for all standby generators. Our kits offer all the components necessary to perform complete maintenance on Generac air-cooled generators.

Starting at $50


Standby generators need a battery to start the system. Make sure you have a battery that’s ready to perform.

Starting at $119

Cold Weather Kits

The cold weather kit keeps your generator ready and standing by even when the temperature is well below freezing.

Starting at $122.99

Fascia and Base Trim

Give your generator a sleek, contoured appearance with this handsome fascia and base trim your home generator.

Starting at $105

Mobile Link

Remotely monitor your system and receive timely notifications with Mobile Link. Subscriptions are available for as little as $49 per year.

Starting at $319

Auxiliary Contact Kits

The auxiliary transfer switch contact kit allows you to use a smaller generator for standby power while helping to eliminate the potential for overload from unnecessary loads during an outage.

Starting at $33.50

Paint Kits

Touch up scratches and other minor damage to prevent future corrosion. Kits include the necessary paint to properly touch up a generator enclosure.

Starting at $33.50

Oklahoma Generator Transfer Switches

Transfer Switches
for Your Generator

There is no need to do a thing, even as the switch transfers between main power to generator and back.

When main power is lost, it takes a few moments for your generator to detect the power loss, start its engine, and begin generating power for your home to run on. With an automatic transfer switch, the transition is seamless.

Complete Whole-House Automatic Transfer Switches

With a complete whole-house automatic transfer switch, you’ll never wait for an appliance to be powered. When the power goes out, everything stays on – no matter how many circuits you have.

With load management, whole-house coverage is achieved through a managed power solution: Non-essential circuits are shed automatically when the generator approaches maximum capacity, to eliminate overload. Then, these circuits are cycled back on when essential circuits are satisfied. This provides the whole home protection you need without sacrificing circuits. This is comprehensive protection at its best.

Select Circuit Automatic Transfer Switches

Some people don’t want to use all circuits at once, so a select circuit automatic transfer switch may be the solution you need. These switches provide selected circuits to be powered by the generator. This can reduce the size of the generator required, and provide the basic protection you need with a smaller investment.

GenReady Load Center

The advanced engineering of the GenReady Load Center replaces the home’s main circuit panel. All power switching is handled within one unit, so it becomes a hybrid circuit panel capable of separating only the circuits chosen to be covered during a power outage.

Starting at $495

Smart Switch

The Smart Switch is the most intelligent transfer switch on the market. Engineered with Generac’s patented Digital Power Management technology, it allows for more coverage with a smaller generator through smart load management.

Starting at $599

Be Ready for the Next Outage

Generators are machines with moving parts, so they do require regular maintenance to stay in tip-top shape – and at the ready to protect your family.

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Generator installation requires expertise in three trades. Don’t trust these crucial tasks to just anyone. Oklahoma Generator installations are 100% turnkey.

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As a Certified PowerPro Premier Generac Dealer, Oklahoma Generator offers the best products, expertly installed, along with full warranty services so they’ll work when you need them most.

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