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Generator Install
Done Right

Generators require expertise and code knowledge in multiple trades: electrical, gas plumbing, and small engines.

Generators don’t just tie into potentially hazardous electrical systems; they also hook up to your gas line – and produce deadly carbon monoxide while running.

This is why you should trust the experts at Oklahoma Generator to install your generator properly, to ensure that your generator adheres to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines for safety and warranty purposes.

Believe it or not, we have found generators across Oklahoma are frequently installed incorrectly. Whether installed by DIYers, homebuilders or just unskilled handymen. This is a serious issue.

Don’t Chance It.

Trust only licensed electricians and generator installation experts like our team at Oklahoma Generator. We have been safely and responsibly installing generators since 2004, and have 50 years of combined experience working with these machines.

100% Turnkey Generator Installation

  • Electrical Code Adherence
  • Electrical Panels
  • Installation
  • Wiring
  • Testing
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance Plan
  • Gas Plumbing Codes
The Story of Oklahoma Generator

Tailored to You

When you work with Oklahoma Generator, we will customize a generator solution for your home and your family’s power needs. This begins with an interview and either a visit to your home or a virtual assessment. We’ll explore which appliances require electricity, talk about which circuits are most critical during an outage, and what will work best for your budget.

When it comes time for installation, we make it headache and hassle-free.

We’ll handle every aspect of installation with minimal intrusion on your life. Within a short time, you’ll not only have a fully installed generator, you’ll also have the peace of mind that only comes from having backup power ready at a moment’s notice – backed by the most trustworthy names in the business.


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Virtual Assessments

No time for an in-person assessment? Using FaceTime or other virtual meeting options, we can assess your home’s power needs virtually and give you an accurate estimate.